Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So I'm jobless, I have no money and no way of paying any bills and am probably gonna be kicked out of the house I live in pretty soon because every employer I call isn't hiring and I couldn't get there anyway because I can't pay for the gas in my gas guzzling, expensive insurance, always breaking down car and no friends close enough or free enough to give me rides or to visit or talk to or hang out with and I'm starving because I have no food and no way of getting any more and I don't care about any of it because I've discovered the best band ever formed and possibly conceived by God himself, OWL CITY!!! There is absolutely no bad day, sickness, depression, world event, pandemic, 2012, or skiing accident that this band could not cover up with up-beat happy music. Take one listen to Hot Air Balloon and I guarantee you WILL feel better about yourself AND your cancer will be cured. I consider myself to be a pretty jaded and cynical and all around grumpy person most of the time but there is no way I can withstand this band. YOU MUST LISTEN TO IT..we need to make this guy popular so he can release billions of cd's!!! Ok rant over..seriously, good band though lol

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Kristine said...

adam, come see me buddy. i'll give you lots of food!! by the way, you friggin left those strawberry mini bagels! darn you, they sat around for a few more days until i found someone else who would take them,ahahaha.

but seriously...come up soon, i'll give you the gas money :/