Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Battle Scars

You know being a mechanic, or just working on cars in general isn't always fun..:( I actually washed my hands 3 times and all the black lines or marks you see on my hand are scratches! It's just as bad on the other hand and even worse on the back of them. I know people that have lost body parts..people that can't bend over anymore cause their backs are so bad from working on cars so much. I actually saw someone lose a finger to a fan blade at the school I went to! Not only is it hard to do in general but working on cars is also very hard on your body. It's a pretty sick passion if you ask me..hehe :P It's totally worth it though. No matter how many scars I get or finger tips I lose feeling in forever (yes..my right middle finger) it's all worth it to here that car start up when you're done. Call me crazy but it feels like saving a life. It's one job where you could be so incredibly angry and throwing tools around the shop and throwing out every bad word you can think of one minute, and the next be completely happy and satisfied with yourself. Ok ok I'm done ranting about being a mechanic.. Byebyes!

P.S.- Yes Kristine, I'm SERIOUS! lol