Friday, July 10, 2009

Update Pt. 2

So in just a few days I've found the best band that God could have possibly blessed my ears with and moved out of my house because I was flat broke. On the way to my parents house, I received FOUR different calls for interviews, Ft. Detrick, CVS, Sears, K-Mart...someone clearly wants me to stay here. That someone includes my parents who have agreed to fund my rent until we all move in together when our new house is done. So in just a few days, I went from almost being homeless to multiple job offers, absolutely stunning musical soundscapes to listen to, and free rent which opens up a nice slot for me to purchase a new car through a government program that would help me out..oh how things change! Now if only one other situation of mine could change then life would be perfect...but, this group I've found is her in pure music'd have to be me to understand I think. I'm listening..are you?