Saturday, May 16, 2009

Most unpredictable song ever!

It's crazy cool yo! lol

Monday, May 4, 2009




During the year 2045, humanity faced the most dire and devastating crisis in history. Global Climate Change became a very real, and very immanent threat to all life as we know it. It was predicted in the early years of the 21st century that we were causing our planet to get warmer, and that this would in fact cause a global ice age. Believing this process would take hundreds of years, we were complacent to this fact, advancing our industry and technology without any regard for generations to come. The developments and advancements in lifestyle we made were done so not believing that they would do any more harm than we had already done. We were wrong. It was during this year we discovered that the process of Global Warming had actually been accelerating exponentially with our lifestyle. What was going to take hundreds of years, was now going to take decades. Not only was the time frame effected, but the extent of possible coverage was also increased ten fold. What was going to effect nearly half the planet, was now going to consume it entirely. In an unprecedented show of unity for the need of self-preservation, the richest and most powerful nations in the world came together and decided we had only two options. Move the land, or move humanity. Plans were drawn for the construction of four massive islands to be placed in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, for they would be the only areas on earth that would be sparred from an icy devastation. Humanities fate however, could not be placed into one hat. Plans for multiple lunar colonies were also drawn up, seeing that the only truly safe place would be away from our planet earth. Both plans were implemented simultaneously and executed as quickly as possible and in the year 2069, the first of the safe haven islands was completed in the south Atlantic. Millions of people from all around the world were brought in, picked by lottery and given a choice of professions and a location to live. This island was given the name, Luna. Two years later the first major lunar colony was completed. Absolutely massive with the ability to be self sustained, the colony was able to hold millions of lives for as long as those lives saw fit. People were shuttled in by droves, also by lottery and given a choice of professions and a location to stay. The colony was given the name, New Terra. In the Year 2080, the earth was suddenly and violently overtaken by the events of Global Warming, and our lands turned to ice. Unfortunately, Lira, the second of the four islands could not be completed in time and the others could not even be started. Billions of lives were lost. Entire countries frozen over in a matter of days..we knew it would happen..but no one knew it would happen so swiftly. The year is now 120 A.F. and Luna has certainly become an impressive site to behold. An island the size of France has been turned into one massive city. For reasons that are at the moment unexplainable, the city has lost all contact with New Terra and we fear the worst. This loss of contact must be investigated, and that responsibility has fallen to me. My name is David Fallon and I'm part of a Luna Internal Securities task force which investigates any disturbance that the Prime Minister herself selects as priority. Someone in the communications tower probably tripped over a wire...